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Buying a gun at Continental Firearms online couldn't be easier! Follow these simple steps to complete your transaction:

1. Create your account by clicking "create account" in the upper right hand corner of the website and filling in all necessary information.

2. A link will be sent to the email you provide and you will need to click that link and sign in to the account you just created in order to "activate" your Continental Firearms online account.

3. If you've already added your complete order to the cart, proceed to step 4.  Otherwise, find the firearms, accessories or other item(s) you would like to buy and place in the shopping cart by clicking the "Add To Cart" button. NOTE:  Guns are required to ship to an FFL and non firearms will ship to your home address.

4. Once you've finished selecting your products into the Shopping Cart, select the "Checkout" option at the bottom of the shopping cart.

5. You will then need to enter the following information to complete your order:

Zip Code and estimated distance to the FFL you'll choose to have your firearm shipped to (then click "Find Nearby FFLs")

Select an FFL in the drop down menu  NOTE:  Selecting an FFL from this list does not mean that we have that dealer's FFL on file.  This is simply a list to aid you in determining where to have your firearm shipped.

Billing address (and confirm if this is also your shipping address for non-firearm shipments - then click "Create Address")

Enter your credit card info

Add Git Card / Coupon options (if applicable)

Click Complete Order

That's it!

It would be a great idea to locate your ideal FFL dealer to transfer your firearm before you place your order as transfer fees can vary between dealers. However, you can place your order first and then provide us with your FFL dealer info before we ship. We will hold your order for about 7 business days to give you time to locate a dealer and arrange a transfer.  We understand that the second you hit the button to complete your order, you almost instantly start checking to see when it's coming.  We get it, it's exciting.  Providing us with the correct FFL info in a speedy fashion will help eliminate the risk of delay.

Please check your state laws and regulations before ordering.  Because many states have complex restrictions on what you can buy, we have a very strict and frankly, expensive return policy.  Be sure to checkout our policy on returns HERE - This policy could apply to firearms, magazines, ammunition, etc.

No Firearm or High Capacity Magazine Sales to California, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago